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How secure is your sensitive data?

Our Data Protection and Privacy service is designed to help businesses secure their sensitive information and ensure compliance with data protection laws. We work collaboratively with businesses to assess their current data privacy measures and develop policies and procedures for proper data handling, storage, and destruction. Our service offerings include data privacy assessment, privacy policies review and development, data mapping and classification, as well as training and awareness building. We help our clients mitigate potential risks related to data breaches, protect their customers’ data privacy rights, and ensure full compliance with relevant regulations. Our proactive approach to data protection and privacy enables businesses to maintain their reputation, avoid fines and penalties, and build trust with their customers.


This area focuses on ensuring that an organization’s data handling practices are in compliance with relevant data protection regulations (like GDPR in Europe, CCPA in California, etc.). It involves setting policies and procedures for data management, including data collection, storage, processing, and deletion. Services could include compliance audits, gap analysis, and assistance in developing a data governance framework that aligns with legal requirements and industry standards.


This involves identifying and evaluating the risks associated with data breaches and privacy violations, and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks. Services can include conducting data risk assessments, data classification, and the implementation of data protection measures like encryption, anonymization, and secure data storage solutions. It also involves developing incident response plans to manage and mitigate the impact of a data breach.


Advising organizations on integrating privacy into their systems and projects from the ground up. This area involves consulting on the architecture of IT systems, network infrastructure, and application development to ensure that privacy is considered at every stage of the lifecycle. Services could include privacy impact assessments, advising on the minimization of data collection and retention, and ensuring that user consent is obtained in a clear and lawful manner.


With the rise of data protection regulations, individuals have more rights concerning their personal data. This service area focuses on helping organizations implement processes to manage and respond to data subjects’ requests, such as access, rectification, erasure, and data portability requests. It also involves developing and implementing consent management solutions that comply with legal standards for obtaining and documenting user consent for data processing activities.

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