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Dive into a world of customized cybersecurity consulting, where every strategy is sculpted to fit your unique needs and goals.


Strategic Resilience

Embrace our forward-thinking strategies that skillfully anticipate and minimize potential threats before they can impact your operations.


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Experience peace of mind as we won’t leave upon delivery, but remain by your side ensuring your queries never go unanswered.

Our Offerings

Solutions For Your Business Challenges

Operational Resilience

Designed to help businesses mitigate risks associated with incidents and ensure they can recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

Digital Identity

Designed to enhance security by implementing Digital Identity solutions, covering areas such as PAM and IAM. 

Information Security & GRC

 Designed to support organizations in establishing robust security frameworks, identifying and mitigating security risks; and ensuring compliance.

Data Privacy

 Designed to help businesses secure their sensitive information and ensure compliance with various international data protection laws and standards.

Your Partners in Building a Safer Digital Future

Stand with us at the forefront of your digital safety. Together, we’ll empower your team, enhance your resilience, and build a culture of cybersecurity awareness that protects what matters most.

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Why Customers Choose Us

Trusted Expertise

Our reputation is built on years of successfully protecting businesses with informed, up-to-date cybersecurity practices.

Proactive Approach

By staying ahead of the latest threats and leveraging innovative strategies, we ensure your defenses are robust and future-proof.

Bespoke Engagement

We listen, understand your challenges, and provide personalized advice that fits your unique situation.

Long-Term Partnership

 We view every client relationship as a partnership, offering ongoing support and guidance to navigate the evolving digital landscape.

How we've assisted organizations

From Recent Case Studies

  • Enhancing Digital Identity Security

    NCG supported a leading retail corporation in its HR transformation journey, streamlining the user onboarding journey and automating access management for its different business functions. Our approach involved design of HR IAM business processes, seamless implementation of user onboarding procedures, and the strategic automation of access management leveraging the organization’s Job Family catalog.

  • Building Cyber Resilience from the ground-up

    NCG guided a leading retailer through a comprehensive cyber resilience transformation. By starting with the identification of critical vulnerabilities and deploying tailored strategies and solution, we not only fortified their defenses against sophisticated attacks, but also enhances their ability to recover swift from potential breaches.

  • Strategic Cybersecurity Awareness

    We assisted a global manufacturing organization in the development and facilitation of customized training sessions aimed at embedding a culture of cybersecurity awareness among employees. This program led to a noticeable decrease in phishing incidents and improved the overall security posture of the organization through more informed staff.

  • Zero Trust Architecture

    NCG supported a global healthcare organization transition to a Zero Trust security model, fundamentally changing how they protect sensitive data. Through the establishment of strict identity verification, minimizing access privileges, and continuously monitoring network activity, we created an environment where trust is never assumed and verification is key.

  • Operational Technology Security

    NCG assisted a global logistics corporationin defining the baseline identity security business processes for their Network Reference Architecture to segregate IT and OT. NCG successfully designed Active Directory design and Identity security architecture, based on Purdue model, to support the segregation of IT and OT.

  • Data Protection and Privacy

    NCG guided a multinational retail client through the complexities of adhering to diverse privacy laws, leveraging the OneTrust Tool. This comprehensive journey included evaluating assets and processes, conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and executing Technical Impact Assessments (TIAs)