Operational Resilience

Not if, but when

How prepared are you for the worst case scenario?

Our Operational Resilience service is designed to help organizations around the globe mitigate risks and impacts associated with incidents and business-hindering events, ensuring they can recover quickly. Our comprehensive approach encompasses key areas such as Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Emergency Management – leveraging our continuity-specific certifications such as MBCI, CBCP and ISO 23001 Lead Implementer.


Business Impact Analysis (BIA): Allow us to use our automated BIA-tool to understand the criticality of your key business processes, outlining key metrics such as Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and Maximum Acceptable Outage (MAO). Further, our tool will support in identifying dependencies such as building, equipment, technology, people and third parties. This will form our basis for any future plan creation (BCP / DRP).

Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Utilizing content from the BIA (above), NCG will help you devise your tailored BCP leveraging a sleuth of templates created for different scenarios across different clients. Your critical processes need a recovery strategy and manual workarounds (where feasible), and our experience in completing hundreds of BCPs globally will ensure you get the best solution.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP): Our offering doesn’t stop at the business-level. Our technical excellence will assist your organization in ensuring you have feasible and tailored recovery strategies for your critical applications and supporting architecture. We will collaborate with relevant architects within your team to understand in detail your architecture landscape, to propose and test the recovery strategies best-fit for you.


A Plan is only as good as it’s execution, and the best way to validate this is through rigorous testing exercises. We are certified testers, and offer tabletop exercises, parallel tests or full interruption tests. We believe in providing hands-on, tactical strategies which can be implemented in both a controlled environment, but more importantly, in a disaster situation. Whether your functions or critical solutions are on-prem, cloud-based or dispersed across the globe – there is always a test which can be employed to provide confidence to those responsible for recovery efforts.


As a PECB licensed training partner, we are qualified and trusted by international bodies to provide tailored training programs to equip you and your employees with the skills and knowledge required to respond effectively to a disaster. From basic awareness training to specialized courses for Crisis Management Teams, our programs are designed to enhance Operational Resilience at all levels across all domains.


No organization is immune to crises, whether it be a global pandemic that shuts down manufacturing factories, a tsunami forcing your workforce to relocate, your container ship being stuck in a tight canal in Egypt, or a ransomware attack threatening to leak all your sensitive data on the dark-web – you must be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Our Crisis Management service offering is designed to support organizations effectively navigate and mitigate the impact of crises on their operations, finances, reputation and stakeholders. We provide comprehensive support throughout the crisis lifecycle and hold Crisis Management-specific international certifications to ensure we are well placed to do so.


We know the landscape well, especially what is needed to comply with regulations such as NIS2, CER, DORA, CRA and ISO 22301. As certified leaders in NIS2, DORA and ISO 22301 – we are well equipped to ensure your regulatory journey is smooth and comprehensive. Whether you fall under the scope of a ‘critical’, ‘essential’, ‘important’ or ‘financial services’ entity – we understand your compliance requirements and have automated tools ready to be deployed to support you.

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